How Information Mapping Helps Proximus Land the Winning Bid


Too much information kills the information. Proximus was struggling with an ever increasing information flow in their business proposals, making their prospects oblivious to their added value and know-how to the solution presented.

Thankfully, adopting the Information Mapping® solution helped Proximus regain focus to provide quality bids in timely fashion, all the while streamlining the team’s processes and data flow.


The Challenge

Proximus at a glance

Proximus is Belgium’s leading telecom and ICT organization, offering elite services to domestic and enterprise markets, helping connect professionals to devices for enhancing overall business performance.

Challenges of the Complex Bid Team

At Proximus, the Complex Bid Team develops the business proposals for larger, not off-the-shelf deals. They experience challenges that include:

  • Involvement of third parties,
  • Offering of transversal services from various Proximus departments, and
  • A Project Management Approach to lead a larger bid team.

Known issues

An ensemble of procurement managers at customer sites assessed and evaluated the format quality of their bids. The results drew the following conclusions about existing bids. The bids are good, but:

  • Offered extraneous and unnecessary information included
  • Contained inconsistencies, especially when including numerous annexes
  • Seemed average in nature, neither compelling nor extraordinary


In search of a standard

Procurement managers also preferred well-structured documents for multiple reasons:

  • Simpler for distinguishing various elements in the scoring mechanism
  • Restricted to only relevant information
  • Helps in locating of important information, such as pricing and planning

Sales process

In its quest to revamp its bid writing process, the Proximus Enterprise Business Unit explored numerous options within a field of industry vendors.

After significantly narrowing its candidates, Proximus consulted with several Information Mapping customers regarding their experiences with the Methodology and FS Pro software.


Why Information Mapping?

Why Information Mapping came out as the winner

As a result of the tendering process, Proximus selected Information Mapping for several key reasons:

  • Simple online conversion of proposals
  • Ability to recycle critical content
  • SharePoint Connectors for providing reusable info


In serving Proximus, Information Mapping proved a sensible solution in multiple facets.





Information Mapping performed an effective audit on existing bid documents to indicate the following:

  • Proposal templates appeared outdated and highly complicated
  • Proposal writing processes were inefficient and time-consuming
  • Information was limited and restricted reusability
  • Proposals lacked flow and continuity due to excessive copying/pasting of existing information
  • Proposals were not appealing or enticing
  • Digital formats were not sufficiently utilized



Information Mapping offered helpful training sessions:

  • Action-focused writing to produce effective copy for end-users
  • Information Mapping training for both key and non-key users
  • Preparation of other trainers to effectively tutor and mentor


Information Mapping provided a portfolio of first-class services:

  • A quick scan consolidated results of the audit to ensure user satisfaction
  • Solid action plans were devised for meeting company initiatives
  • Templates were created and customized for company needs



Proximus acquired hundreds of licenses of the FS Pro for Word software. Using these licenses helps Proximus’ writers to swiftly and efficiently compose their bids.


    The Results

    Praise for the revamped bidding process

    • Since adopting the Information Mapping® Methodology and FS Pro for Word software, Proximus successfully upgraded and modernized its company bidding process.
    • Internal feedback was largely positive, including improvements in legibility, clarity, and organization.
    • New, superior formatting appeased a wide range of important prospects.
    • Content received a prospect’s lofty rating of 97%, as indicated in an awards report.

      Continuous Service Improvement

      To augment the quality of its offerings, Proximus included the Information Mapping® adoption into a program to preserve the company’s intellectual capital. Proximus estimates another 2 year for implementing this change of approach to reach the full benefits of the Information Mapping® Methodology.